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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pirates like to be pretty too!

Well the kids decided it was time to make a snowman. Mike decided he wanted a snow pirate ARGGG! Lauren even got off the walk to help, and for a Texas girl who doesn't like snow; that was a lot for her to do! Mike put a pirate patch on the snow pirate and put on a pirate hat! While he was searching for the perfect pirate scarf, Lauren put a pretty feather boa on the pirate snowman! Of course Mike was not happy about this, but when Lauren tried to put a tiara on the snow pirate; he decided he would allow her to put the feather boa on him; but not the tiara... A great compromise if you ask me!

We ended the day with hot chocolate and blueberry muffins! It was a great day! Tomorrow is President's Day and their Grandmother Julie is coming over for a Valentine's Visit! It should make for a fun day!



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